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The Chicken Game from MyStake combines simplicity with the chance to win big. It offers an RTP of 96-98%. Additionally, you can bet from 0.20 to 1,000. This game is very popular for a reason. We invite you to try it and feel the excitement of winning with us.

Introduction to The Chicken Game

The Chicken Game, created exclusively for MyStake Casino, has quickly gained popularity. It is a fun game that blends classic elements with a chicken and bone theme. Many get excited when asked about the chicken game, due to its exciting gameplay and winning opportunities.

History and Origins

The origin of the chicken and bone game lies in MyStake Casino, designed to be innovative and exciting. This online chicken game simplifies its mechanics, inspired by classic games like Mines, but adding chickens and bones. Many explore how to hack the chicken game, indicating its growing popularity because it is easy to play and appealing.

Game Mechanics

The mechanics of the online chicken game are simple and intuitive. Players must find chickens in a grid, avoiding the bones. This system, similar to strategy games, makes the game fun and challenging. When you ask what the chicken game is called, you recognize it by its distinctive design and graphics.



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Maximum Bet





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In summary, the MyStake chicken game is an exciting option for online games. It offers not only entertainment but also great opportunities to win prizes.

How to Play The Chicken Game

The chicken casino game is exciting and easy to understand. You have a 5x5 grid with hidden chickens and bones. The challenge is to find the chickens without hitting the bones.

Basic Rules

In the chicken game, you choose squares from a grid. Selecting between 1 to 24 bones increases the risk but also the winnings. If you choose a bone, the game ends; if it's a chicken, you decide whether to continue or take your prize.

Betting Options

Betting options vary. You can bet from 0.20 to 1,000. This makes the game ideal for all types of budgets. The more bones you choose, the greater the possible prize.

Exploring the chicken mini-game is perfect for understanding the rules and designing strategies. It is a great way to start enjoying the chicken and bone game.

Best Strategies for The Chicken Game Bets

To win in the chicken game, having a good strategy is key. It is essential to understand the game and use tactics that increase our chances of winning.

Select the Number of Bones

Choosing how many bones to use in each game is very important. Using more bones can make us win more. But, this also increases the risk. You have to think carefully about this to find the best balance between risk and the possibility of winning.

It is vital to make decisions based on good information. This way, we increase our chances of succeeding in the chicken game.

When to Cash Out Your Winnings

Knowing when to quit is crucial. In the chicken crypto game, we must set limits for our winnings and losses before starting. This helps to know the perfect time to exit and protect what we have won. We should not get carried away by emotion.

Being disciplined and following our strategy can be the secret to winning.

To improve at the game, it is essential to keep learning and adjust our tactics. This is achieved through practice and maintaining a good focus. Over time, the chicken betting game can become both lucrative and fun.

Advantages of Playing at MyStake Casino

Playing the online chicken game at MyStake Casino offers many advantages. For example, attractive bonuses. Additionally, it is compatible with different devices. Let's see why so many players prefer MyStake.

Generous Bonuses

One of the best things about MyStake is its incredible bonuses. New players can get up to 1,000 euros in bonuses. There are also no deposit bonuses. This means you can try the MyStake chicken game risk-free. These opportunities not only enhance your balance for playing but also increase your chances of winning.

Multi-Platform Compatibility

MyStake is also known for working well on different devices. You can play the MyStake chicken game on your PC, mobile, or tablet. This ensures a good experience regardless of your location. The ease of accessing the chicken and dino game and other games is a big plus. This way, playing is convenient and fun.

In conclusion, if you are looking for good bonuses or need to play on multiple devices, MyStake Casino is ideal. Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy the chicken game to win money with us. The experience will be unforgettable.

Security and Fairness in The Chicken Game

Security and fairness are essential in the chicken casino game. We use cutting-edge technology to protect our players. Thus, we offer a fair and secure game.

Provably Fair Technology

Thanks to blockchain-based provably fair technology, we prevent manipulations in each game. Players can check the transparency of the results. This shows our total honesty in the chicken casino game.

Data and Information Security

In the chicken casino game, we protect your personal data and sensitive information. At MyStake Casino, we use data encryption and state-of-the-art security protocols. Your information is safe, allowing you to enjoy a reliable gaming environment.


Implemented Technology

Game Fairness

Provably Fair Technology

Data Protection

Data Encryption

IT Security

Advanced Security Protocols

Benefits of Practicing with The Chicken Game Demo

The chicken game demo is perfect for learning about the game without losing money. This free version helps players better understand the mechanics and strategies. This way, they prepare before betting for real.

By practicing, the support of mentors improves learning. With their help, techniques are acquired that increase the chances of winning. Players not only learn to use the controls. They also develop skills to identify good betting opportunities.

Practicing the chicken game in demo mode is safe and stress-free. It is ideal for beginners. By mastering this version, users gain confidence. They are ready for the real game, where they can win more.

In conclusion, practicing with the chicken game demo improves your skills. Additionally, it offers a significant competitive advantage when betting for real.

Interaction and Community in The Chicken Game

The chicken game is fun and exciting, but there is more. It provides a space to interact. In its live chat, players share experiences and strategies. This way, the gaming experience is enriched, creating a lively social atmosphere.

The chat tool strengthens the chicken game community. It creates a strong sense of belonging among users. By sharing strategies and tips live, everyone's skills improve. This makes each game more exciting and competitive.

To offer more fun, the developers added the chicken mini-game. These challenges allow players to try new tactics and have more fun.

Interaction in the chicken game is fundamental to its success. With an active and participatory community, the atmosphere is enriched. We not only enjoy playing but also sharing with other fans.

Earning Potential and RTP in The Chicken Game

The chicken game has a very high RTP of 99%. This shows that the game is fair and economically attractive. It stands out from other casino games for its fun and chance to win big.

Players can win up to 10,000 times their bet. This offers the possibility of obtaining large prizes in each game. For this reason, the chicken game is increasingly popular, appealing to both new and experienced players.

Some users have won large prizes using good strategies and luck. The high RTP improves the chances of winning. It makes playing exciting and rewarding.

Let's see below a comparison of the key features of the chicken game to win money:





Maximum Win

10,000 times the bet




From bets of 0.20 to 1,000

Frequency of Prizes


The chicken game has a high RTP and great earning potential. This makes it stand out for those seeking excitement and big prizes. Try your luck and see why it is so popular in casinos!


The Chicken Game at MyStake Casino is easy and fun to bet on. It also offers the chance to win big prizes. It is suitable for everyone, from beginners to experienced bettors.

To be good at the chicken game, it is key to choose the number of bones wisely. And knowing when to quit is crucial. Balancing the risk and the possible prize is essential to win more.

Security in the chicken game is very important. MyStake Casino uses Provably Fair technology and protects our data well. This way, playing Chicken is exciting and safe. We can test our luck and intuition with confidence.


What is The Chicken Game?

It is an online betting game from MyStake. It has a 5x5 grid. Players look for chickens avoiding the bones. Bets range from 0.20 to 1,000.

How do you play The Chicken Game?

You start with a 5x5 grid. Your goal is to find chickens and not hit the bones. You can choose between 1 and 24 bones to change the challenge and the prize.

What does RTP mean in The Chicken Game?

RTP is "Return to Player". In The Chicken Game, the RTP is 96-98%. This shows what the game returns in prizes over the long term.

Where can I play The Chicken Game?

You can play it only at MyStake Casino. It is available on PC, mobile, and tablet.

How can I improve my strategies in The Chicken Game?

First, practice in the demo version. This way you learn by playing without spending money.

Is it safe to play The Chicken Game online?

Yes, it is safe. MyStake Casino uses Provably Fair technology to ensure fair games. They also protect your personal data.

Can I win real money playing The Chicken Game?

Of course, playing with real money can give you big prizes. Bets range from 0.20 to 1,000. You could win up to 10,000 times your bet.

What bonuses does MyStake Casino offer for The Chicken Game?

MyStake Casino offers bonuses up to 1,000 euros. There are also no deposit bonuses. This way new players can try the game risk-free.

How can I always win in The Chicken Game?

Winning every time is not guaranteed, luck plays a big role. But, choosing the bones well and knowing when to stop can increase your winnings.

Are there communities or forums for Chicken Game players?

Yes, there is a live chat for players to share experiences and strategies. This improves the game and unites the community.

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